Apprenticeship Scheme

20th November 2019

The locum union has been contacted by multiple optometrists concerning the impact of an apprenticeship scheme on the future of optometrist.

Below is a link to a petition which has over 7000 signatures.

The number of signatures clearly shows that most optometrists feel strongly about this.  The main points highlighted from the petition are:

  • Optometrists feel there is no shortage of optometrists so there is no need to lower the barrier to entry.
  • Allowing apprenticeships would lower public perception of optometrist even further.
  • There is already increased amount of universities offering optometry courses across the country.
  • Optometrist feel that the motivation for this apprenticeship is merely to profit from lower salaries or increased membership subscriptions.

This is appears to be a wider issue of degradation of optometry over time.

The Locum union invites all optometrist (not just locums) to join the discussion on protecting the profession at the

Proactively deal with:

Testing times

Salary/Daily Rate

Working conditions

We all know what the problems lets work together on the solutions.

The Locum Union Android App has Launched!

03th September 2015Screenshot_2015-09-03-18-03-27

We are pleased to inform you that we have released The Locum Union App into the Android play store.
Key features:

  • Makes it easier to access the website.
  • Stay Logged in.

To download click here or search The Locum Union in the Play Store.
P.S.We will be adding more features in the near future and also releasing an Apple App too!

Boots Opticians is Listening!

25th May 2014

Boots Opticians have been holding feedback sessions with a selection of locums over the past couple of weeks.  They have listened to the feedback and have made some changes to how they operate.  Now locums are able to use their mobile phones in all stores for business use.  This is great news for locums.  Boots Opticians has also increased locum rates in certain regions.  Hats off to Boots opticians.  Let’s hope they listen to the feedback about the uniform also!!!

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