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United we stand, divided we fall is an apt motto here.
Unfortunately, the nature of locum work is one of isolation; and hence we have been and remain essentially divided. A personal resolution to not accept lower rates may diminish if a suspicion develops that other locums are not sharing ones own resolve.
To their great credit the establishment of the locum union and the petition has facilitated some unity, but I feel that there needs to be some other mechanisms that can help us reject poor pay offers without feeling isolated.
With regard to these mechanismd, an ambitious idea would be something like tripadvisor where we locums would rate a practice on a number of criteria and state the rate agreed. I have no idea whether this is a realistic proposal!
A less ambitious idea is that every time we reject an inadequate pay rate, then we publicise the rejection on this site to give heart to other members. Maybe we could publicise it Donald Trump style like ” VE Cheshire £225 weekday REJECTED!!!” How less timid would we each feel when we come on this site and see all the low pay rejections that are taking place all across the country.
I am not clever enough to think of any other ideas or indeed how to turn any ideas into reality, but hopefully someone reading this is.
For my part, I just wanted to make the point that to remain united we need more support mechanisms than we have the moment.

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