Reply To: Post Covid-19 locum rate


Considering the risk posed to us is so high, and also the responsibility we have is higher too, a lower rate cannot be justified at all.
We have always been paid for our time – not number of examinations performed, and this should not change. At minimum it should remain the same, but I feel an increased rate could also be justified due to the increased risk.
We all need to hold back on accepting these ridiculous rates. Once they come down, it will be years before they come back up again. Obviously everyone has their own set of circumstances so we shouldn’t judge anyone who chooses to accept, but as long as the majority of us stand our ground I think we can come out of this unscathed.
Meanwhile we should all be lobbying the GOC to regulate ST properly in regards to minimum testing times, OCT etc. Multiples especially are just taking the mick now. 20min testing with Oct?! GOC is there to look after public’s interests. Are they?

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