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I received an email from a regional group ttoday regarding post lockdown locum days and I was worried I was taking things personally by being so insulted by their offerings. I have qualified for no help during lockdown like many others and the rates being offered were disgustingly low and dependent on if a patient dispenses or not. Given that currently only ‘essential’ care is to be given it is likely many patients will present with pathology based concerns. A locum is going to be working in higher risk conditions with likely more complex patients and in some instances expected to provide their own PPE. Quite frankly the rate offered in the email I received wasn’t worth the risk especially when you take into account tax and ppe cost I know it will be tax deductible but I’m still providing the same quality care. I completely agree we need to stick together and resist this as once the rates go down they won’t go back up if the multiples can help it!!

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