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We are not refracting machines! We work to provide a duty of care to patients, whilst being commercially aware, this then does allow us to charge the rates we do. we did not receive our licence to have to squeeze in 20 patients a day to just make up profits for the greedy multiples who squeeze every drop Of our mental wellbeing out of us to hit numbers! If you look at locum doctors and dentists they earn far more in line with the service they provide. we studied hard for 4+yrs to gain our qualification and training I know I did I had to study 7 yrs to get there!! and we continue our education to provide healthcare so that we abide by regulations set out for us by the GOC. Iv been locuming for 15 years and the rates have stayed the same whereas they should have gone up with the rise in living costs. Frankly Optics has become a high pressured job and where we are told how to run clinics By managers who think we should have no say and then potentially risk our licences. It is good to remember without us these companies wouldn’t earn those profits! So actually to Those multiples get your hands in your pockets and start paying rates that are worth risking our health and licences for!

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