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“As a business owner it has become more and more difficult to recruit employed optoms, due to so many opting for Locum work. The motivating factor being the ridiculously high daily rates so many locums charge. The income potential for locums is way out of sync with that of employed optoms and unsustainable on a long term basis.”

????? In 1998 Vision Express Sunderland
paid £300 weekdays and £350 Saturdays.

21 years later locums are getting
same rate of payon average.

The suggestion was Optoms are expecting
too much? Perhaps business owners would
do better to ensure there is no
overbearing pressure on their Optoms
to sell and allowing true autonomy then
so many wouldn’t be disillusioned
enough to go locum.

Also if you stopped hiding salary in
bonuses and just paid everyone a fair
rate for the work and responsibility
then fewer Optoms would be locum.

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