Reply To: MECS/PEARS as a Locum?


Where’s your professional pride?
We should all be MECS/PEARS accredited in this modern world if you want to call yourself professional. If you do the WOPEC course it should be accepted nationwide.
You are paid to work from AAam to BBpm. What service you are asked to do in that time is up to your employer. If you are doing a MECS/PEARS, you are not doing refraction, eye exams or whatever you want to call you do for the GOS Sight Test (not my definition, but it’s what it is called in legislation). If you are seeing a MECS/PEARS patient, you are generating a fee that does not have a follow up dispensing, which, regrettably, is where the profit is made, so the employer needs that full fee to cover their practice costs.

The Optometrists who havent yet done so are doing themselves no favours and need to recognise that in the modern world,your undergraduate degree is not a sign of anything about you. So you graduated, got on the register, but what have you done since then? A higher percentage of people are going to University nowadays, which effectively devalues everyone else’s degree.50 years ago, 4% of people attended a University, so a degree said something about the holder.

All professions have to have Continuing Professional Development in today’s world.Optometry is no different.

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