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I do not regularly work for Specsavers but I used to. I found 20 min testing times quite stressful particularly when elderly people or complicated cases arrived. Not to mention when people arrived 5 to 10 min late and they were pushed in the clinic. That reduced testing time considerably. Working under such pressure and with the NEW CONTRACT conditions which I did not know until I read them in this forum is unbearable. We should say no and find locum cover somewhere else.

The problem is for those who are currently working there. You may lose all your bookings but I think you should speak to the store manager and say him/her frankly:

” I have got all this bookings with you and I would be glad to continue working for you but unfortunately I am unable to do it under the circumstances of that contract. We have two options: Option one, let me carry on working without signing it or Option two, cancel all my bookings immediately.”

Somehow that will pass the pressure on them because they are probably already booked relying on the locum bookings.

I would be glad to hear of anybody of you who knows anything new about the contract or how you finally managed to deal with the problem.


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