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AOP website used to have a model contract for locums to use with their practices/ companies. That recommended 1 week, because, as it explained, as a locum you are an unsecured creditor if the practice/company go bust. ie you are at the end of the chain and unlikely to receive much in such a case. Could you afford to lose more than a weeks fees?If you could perhaps you are willing to wait till they feel like paying you.
In those days the AOP represented all their members and gave such advice, but as more and more corporate people are moving up their council chain and they joined with FODO to form the Optical Confederation.they seem to have changed their views as they have removed this from their website. Or maybe it’s just a coincidence?
After many year as a locum it was payment by cheque or cash at end of each day (cash demanded where history of bounced cheques for me).
I understand that the Capita payment fiasco could be affecting practice finances, but they are still taking money from patients and you are due your fees just as much as the company who threatens no more supplies until account cleared. That’s why practices have an overdraft facility.

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