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Well, on one occasion they offered to express my displeasure towards a multiple by calling that multiple directly and telling them. In effect, a veiled threat to sabotage my relationship and career prospects with a prospective employer, whilst playing the role of the friendly arbitrator.
The straw that broke the camel’s back however, occurred during an unfortunate double-booking, when they told me it was possible to have the other locum sent home, even though she had arrived before me and was currently testing, in order for me to take her place. Hearing this I told the agency I would myself talk with the store manager, who told me he couldn’t pay for two locums i.e. one of us had to lose a day of wages. I told him I will take the day off and ‘call it a day’. I have, since then, also called it a day with the agency. I’m relatively new to locum work and my next step is to hand my details to as many independents within a reasonable commute as possible. Wish me luck.

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