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Steven, you have things mixed up.

When PCTs were dissolved, one NHS Performer List was created for optometrists by NHS England. There us only one list for England, and you would have been automatically transferred from the PCT list.

If you have an issue, or more to the point they have an issue with you, it will be handled by the area office that manages where you are working – the contractor handling your claim will know where they are.

**** [As you haven’t claimed your CET money via your local NHS England Payments Agency (ie Capita), you have a week to do so, or lose it for this year too. You need to download the form from the AOP members’ section and get a friendly contractor to put it through for you …..but date closes end of October. Usually a bottle of Single Malt is enough persuasion to help you. Apologies to our friends who don’t drink, I am sure they will make a different appropriate suggestion].****

The amalgamation of Area Teams of NHS England do not affect your registration still being on the one NHS England Performer List. They know where you are, even if you don’t know them, as claims are also registered on the central claims system being used by them against the contractor’s and the performer’s names.

The CCGs have nothing to do with your core work as conducting GOS sight tests. They only come into the picture if you are doing enhanced (now called community) services which required you undertaking accredited training (usually LOCSU model) and the practices entering into a separate contract with the CCGs for those services only.
Examples are MECS, PEARS, Pre and Post Cararact, Referral Refinement, Low Vision Services etc.
Contact your local LOC if in any doubt.

As I have now hung up my retinoscope, I made my last claim this year. They turned it down as they couldn’t find me on the oerformer list as I resigned on 1st January. Fortunately, I then sent them copy of the confirmation letter I received following my resignation with a new claim form. Having claimed in July, got the payment last week. But I spent it in September😰

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