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Akbar shah

Hi sgill.
I was deeply sadened to hear of your recent plight. It brought some horrible memories back. Let’s call it out for what it is. Bullying!
Boots as well as some other chains but mainly boots have an epidemic of rudeness towards professional staff. Quite often it’s more like us and them mentality also how many times people question our salary is so bad mannered I’m lost for words!
Stand together optoms we worked damn hard to be here. Don’t let others belittle us as it will make us feel like we are going to them with cap in hand “please sir can I have some more locum days”
I’ve been round the houses and to do 18 tests a day is way too many. It should be 12-14 maximum.
I’m an advocate of independents and I promise you that work with them is amazing. Pop in to your local independent and leave your number they will be appreciative as independents really struggle to get locums. My best advice is do it the old fashioned way go in and chat to them. Don’t be afraid as you are paving your future! I bet you will find over a dozen within 20 minutes drive from you.

Please feel free to message me guys if you need any assistance as I’m passionate about life work balance. I’ve changed so much and I really love my job whereas 10 years ago I was being treated really badly by high street chains (boots being the worst) it was affecting my personal life and that is when I quit and started again but with independents only.

Stay strong optoms. We’ve come too far to be treated so bad. Vote with your feet!

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