Reply To: Time for a proper Optometric Union?


I agree 100% union
Representation should be avail
able, also I’m sure AOP
announced last year they now
have a union rep who works for

I had loads of problems a few
years ago before going locum
and became a Unite member, they
were excellent in giving advice
and helping me when I went
through grievance and appeal.

I want to point one thing out
the “fine balance between sales
and clinical care” does not
exist, it’s been conjured
up by business people to put
pressure on Optoms to sell.
The Opticians Act and guidance
notes makes it black and white.
The business men have created
the grey areas by putting sales
related clauses into contracts.
They would never be able to
enforce these as long as sight
is done properly and you hand
over the px after.

Optoms do need to be stoic and
at times will come across
defiant to overcome unfair
pressure placed on us. Don’t
worry about not being asked
back, if you encounter unfair
expectations tell them they’re
being unfair and offer to leave
immediately. If they then
tell you to stay they are
accepting your terms. If the
business is registered with GOC
and they’ve made unfair demands
that could endanger px the you
have duty of care to lodge
a complaint with GOC. Rant

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