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Hi, I don’t know if anyone has heard about the new testing times Boots are rolling out from this month. Children will now be 20 minutes, contact lenses a/c and fits 20 minutes and retest 15 minutes. I especially find the 20 minutes children appointment crazy! I know many Specsavers stores also give 20 minutes, however they have a computer-based system. Boots still hand-write everything, so 20 minutes is more like 15 minutes testing time and 5 minutes writing everything done/signing forms!
I find it so surprising that Boots are changing their testing times in the core stores considering what has just happened with the ‘Honey Rose case!’ Yes, she may have been incompetent but I think the root cause of the problem is due to the short testing times that we are given.
I don’t normally work for Boots, but next month I am doing a couple of block bookings. I am thinking of emailing Boots and telling them if they are changing their testing times then they can cancel all my bookings for next month. Its risky because I may be left to sort out a whole month of work within the next week. However, I think as Optometrists we need to be in control of our own clinics because when things go wrong these companies will not be supporting us! What do you all think??

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