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Akbar shah

Hi all. I’ve not worked for boots for over 4 years now. When I last worked for them I can only describe the whole set up as unethical and sales driven. The staff were extremely rude to patients and practitioners and I found the whole situation like a school of bullies picking on the optoms. How many times I heard “look how much you get paid!” it was envy and anger rolled into one making the whole day very uncomfortable indeed. Needless to say I’m not the only one to have experienced this and I’m pleased optoms have voted with their feet and declined days.

I only work for independents now with half an hour testing and a 6 hour day thank the Lord. The rates are better and staff moral is high and the owners have become my dear friends. It’s like a family and this is what I thought optics would be like when I was studying at University. The patients are lovely and a pleasure to deal with I look forward to going to work and thankfully have not had any aggressive patients or rude or ones who have little concern for personal hygiene. They take my advice and information about their eyes and it feels like how I always wanted work to be.

I recommend all optoms to nip in to your local independents and just introduce yourself as I promise it will improve your life if one day they call you for locum cover as that is how I got my regular days.

All the best guys!

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