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I have to say I do agree with how boots in general as a company has gone down.
The odd day I have booked with them in suffering locations in london have been somewhat terrible.
The naughty text message I had actually complained about in a very constructive manner as I found it very demeaning and I did actually get an apology.
I think what we have to realise is it is a large company that is trying on the face of things to attract customers with all the boots points vouchers etc. What they don’t realise is the internal bullying between management and clinicians is appalling. I have seen residents leave their jobs or worse trapped in situation where they don’t have GOC payment made if they don’t follows the ‘boots’ trading programme.
It is a very sell sell sell organisation and I only chose to work when the RATE is convenient for me. Yes I did say that because they ARE begging to get desperate as it all looks like we have been boycotting their whole system. Well done everyone and keep up the good work.

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