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As I am retiring, I may as well sell my bits abd pieces

I have a Welsh Allen Ret head, Panoptic Ophthalmoscope head, normal Ophthalmosccpe head with a lithium battery handle in Leatherette type case. I have a separate relatively new charging pod in box. I will throw in a few spare bulbs that are unused that came with the set when I bought it. I am happy to sell for £500.00 plus carriage.

I have another set of Welsh Allen Panoptic Ophthalmoscope head and Ret head with lithium battery handle that works, but is lose fitting so you have to hold it while using ret or ophthalmoscope ( you could buy a new handle from Welsh Allen). This has a charging pod that has broken cable joined together with insulating tape. I will accept £200 plus carriage for this.

I also have a virtually unused Occulus Titanium off- white trial frame in original box with I will sell for £150 plus carriage.
I will throw in a used metal Universal black Merrisible trial frame which has a grotty nose pad and with new nose pad would be as good as new.
Both trial frames are metal.

I have s/v +0.25/ -0.25 and +0.50/-0.50 confrontation test in box.
I also have a binocular confrontation set -0.25/+0.25 and -0.50/+0.50 in cardboard box. £30 for the four pieces plus carriage.

I live in N Yorkshire if you wanted to collect.

CAUTION: I once bought a £50 trial frame at Optrafair and the body was plastic and it lasted a few months of occadional use and the side joint broke.Couldn’t be repaired. Expensive mistake.

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