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If you look at the back of your “Vouchers at a glance” card, it gives “Frequency of eye tests” information. If you think it is one year for glaucoma, you are reading the wrong colour. It is one year for Scotland and 2 years for England. The colouring is made clear on tge top of tye card. This has been changed for quite a few years, so you have been fortunate not have been pulled up before. The rationale is quite simply under NICE guidance, glaucoma patients have to get seen by a suitably skilled professional at least annually, usually in HES or Community Enhanced Service. So for eye exam purposes they fall under “all patients” category, ie 2 years. The so called suitably skilled professionals, may be an optometrist with special skills in glaucoma (eg College post grad certificate), but would not be doing it under GOS but with a separate service contract with CCG for the community service. It’s worth checking the Vouchers at a glance every time it is published in conjunction with Making Accurate Claims booklet. You should be able to download latest version from AOP or FODO website, whichever you are a member. The NHS England area teams (PCTs have not existed for 3 years) who are paying you for yearly tests have the power to recall payments later if they realise they are wrong. Like you they may not have kept up to date with changes and may be alerted to them by the amalgamation of area teams and payment agencies.

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