Reply To: Had enough of Boots cancellations?!

Maribell Riley

I dont do much for Boots, I only book if I can do it well in advance cos I like to know where I am going. After a few cancellations I have taken to cancelling Boots if something better comes up! Specsavers Recruitment Service handles some bookings although lots of practices prefer to handle their own. Angela at SRS 01566771888. Try contacting local practices direct. The computer system is really user friendly except for contact lenses, and the photos fields and IOP is done for you in advance, 20 mins is OK for under 70ish. I need longer for older people even with SOCRATES. In the interests of full disclosure I was director in a Specsavers Practice for 14 years. I retired 6 years ago and locum part time. Does any of this help??

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