Reply To: FREE eye examinations for ALL??!!


I think that the NHS can save money here.

We should contact the NHS and say that all stores that are happy to give eye tests for free or even for less than £20, then they should not have to pay the stores on GOS forms.
Why, if a store is more than happy to offer free eye test, when they realise a patie my is applicable for NHS eye test do they get them to sign a GOS form. Hence the NHS should say where it’s free, we won’t accept your forms, where it’s less than 20, we will just pay the difference in cost.

Because I know for a fact that stores which do offer free or discounted eye tests, including supermarkets, know that they will get a few NHS sight tests, hence always some money in the till. I

If they know that they stand the chance of losing that also, I guarantee that if will have some massive impact and they will think three times before lowering eye test prices

What do you guys think. Im more than happy to go to NHS and propose this.

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