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My big bug bear with Tesco is there poor computer system – it’s just so fiddly. There is a small cupboard with the trial case on top, the remote control for the computerised chart had to go there there too. (Ophthalmoscope and ret. have to go somewhere else in the room) ) so there is very little space for the mouse. As it’s not a touch screen system everytime you change the input field – even from sph to cyl the mouse has to be used. Also each key stroke has to be input eg -0.50 / -0.25 x 90 takes 12 key strokes cf 4 with the Specsavers touch screen computer system. It gets kinda wearisome at the end of a full clinic! Some much so the I recently decided to work for a more distant Asda than a closer Tesco. In my area Asda don’t yet have a optom computer system. Fingers crossed, when it’s introduced, it’ll be better than Tesco’s!

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