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I wouldn’t be over concerned about a one off sit-in by a manager as I always welcome feedback if it is constructive . There are some awful optometrists with poor communication skills out there that don’t do any of us any favours .
However I would draw the line about pressure to over prescribe or over sell by anyone . ( I previously wrote a post about my concern of the overselling of AR coats ) . I want people to trust and respect their optometrist !Otherwise we will just have the status of a car salesman . I have hundreds of patients who request to see me due to my honesty and communication and I think that is good for the practice and profession in the long term . (but not always for daily sales figures ) It saddens me that optometrists are graded by their daily sales figures alone. Some of the horror stories I hear are frankly an embarrassment and depressing .We must stand up and show our integrity.

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