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Big warning regarding Tescos. If you work for them make sure you have them book you through an agent (as opposed to them booking you directly) I have been underpayed 5 times, have had regional managers involved and they still amend my invoices without letting me know. And am now out of pocket. I have been locuming for 8 years now and never had this fuss. I find it very dishonest especially from such a large company

Working conditions okay so long as you let them know who is in charge otherwise they will run you around. One day I turned up at 850am, my 900 and 920 had already arrived but they decided to fit a walk in for 850.

I am apprehensive to book with them anymore and given they are closing stores would be worried that they would actually pay

Sorry to sound so negative. I normally love my job ๐Ÿ™‚

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