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Computerised. For sight tests okay except it can delete ur info if u leave mouse for like minimum 30 secs. Annoying if uv done a refraction put lenses back and it deletes so remember to have a sharp memory and remember rx vas ph blur…
Referral letter is straight forward.
Contact lenses…okay but if rgps not a good system at all esp for torics….
20 mins for everything except 10 min acs and 10 min re checks.
Equipment.not good autorefractor so practice ret and refine it. No fundus camera . computerised chart good slit lamp not enough space to put tools
Payment generally quick.
Dispensing DO so u do kids etc and therefore u may run behind..
Conversion ..depends store. Expect in some stores to be told off lol
General advice
Find ons or two good stores get used to then and just locum there..its okay mot perfect but at the end of the day what is ??

Can’t give u fair advice only done one day 2 years ago ha
Paper records 20 min tests they normally have clos and dos 3m test room payment bit slow

I personally hate paper records esp 20 mins
That is all

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