Reply To: Replaced by pre – reg STUDENTS?


I think we’ve become conditioned to think ‘it’s bound to happen’ or ‘ not surprised’ and if we only look at the business side for the directors then is surprising lunch hours are less, working hours more, less pay, last min cancellations. I’ve been in optics for over 2 decades and although I don’t expect the return of the glory days anytime soon, I was kinda hanging on that companies cared about who tests their parients eyes. I’m not saying that you’re not right and yes the company saves a few bob in the short run but Pre reg students are not substituents for experienced optometrists. The patients don’t know it’s a student testing them and I’m often doing often rechecks on newly qualified optoms on an average of two a day at one place. Companies are taking two students a year in some places and they are supervised only a couple of times. I think they taken the cheap labour thing too far.

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