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Didn’t have space in last post to remind everyone, that as a locum or a resident, YOU have to ensure that the referral has gone. It’s the outcome of your examination and you cannot leave it to be dealt with or finished by someone else. This is even more important if you are not in that practice/store tomorrow. The referral is part of the patient record and all records should be contemporaneous, which I understand to mean, done at same time as the record. Can anyone argue that the referral is not part of the record and doesn’t need to be contemporaneous. Safest protection is doing at end of examination and handing to patient before they leave you.
I would not accept a patient record from the reception staff to start an examination which did not have patient’s GP details theron. If you check and look at what a record card should include that us a requirement and is something that is checked on a random sample during a practice visit.
Re point ash 71 said about patient not taking it to GP. That isn’t your problem if you have explained the importance of the referral and the reasons and the prognosis. We should remember that patient choice also includes the choice of the patient to not taking the letter to the GP because they don’t want to, just as much as deciding which hospital they prefer to visit. You cannot enforce the patient against their wishes.

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