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I assume, Helen, your exams are optometry career related. If that is so, perhaps you need to find an independent practice that has enhanced, sorry they are now called community, eye health service contracts that can utilise the extra skills for which you are training. Supermarket optics (and I use that term deliberately in preference to optometry), is not going to be interested in those skills and will not value what you have done.
Try to contact your LOC and your LEHN (may be called LPN for Eyecare), to see who offers these services. AOP and LOCSU should be able to direct you to these people.
Don’t despair. I am probably entering my final year in the profession as retirement is beckoning, but I see the future of optometry as exciting and will demand extra training, eg, Therapeutics, Independent Prescribing, Glaucoma Management, PEARS/CORRS etc and training in these and in Ophthalmic Public Health will put you in high demand in the not too distant future.

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