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It’s a ridiculous idea that a company try and make healthcare professionals over sell products to their patients. At the end of the day it is our responsibility to recommend and provide what products are best suited to the patients needs to provide the best care, therefore, boots and other companies have no right to try and enforce this. Furthermore, locum optometrists are not employed by boots so they have no jurisdiction or control over this- remember they couldn’t enforce uniforms as Locum Optoms refused to work for them.
My advice is to just agree with the managers but continue what you are doing ie. Recommending what you feel is best OR explain to them that you will recommend what is best for your patients as that is your responsibility. If a manager becomes too pushy then report it to the GOC and AOP.

The truth is that boots are struggling to get locums and their clinics are suffering because of this. If they keep ‘pushing’ this then more and more locums will not work for them. They will get the message soon enough…

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