Reply To: What should the current locum rate be?

Georgina Harrington

I gave up on Boots a long time ago… they entice you with plentiful bookings only to cancel the day before.
They’ll cancel a residents half empty clinic and move them to another store, bumping their resident to the next store along and so on until they oust a locum who’s been prebooked for weeks with no notice at – it just takes the piss!
Half the time I think they book you on ‘just in case’ basis, ( location to be confirmed)

Re locum rates £275 weekday and £325 weekends are about right, though I’d not say no to more!!

Other multiples to avoid…. Tesco’s drove me mad when I tried the Yeovil branch. 20 minute appointments which typically go in far too late as the “support staff” are useless, combined with the incessant beeping from the tills drive you crazy. And there is no job satisfaction when most people there are only having an exam to pass the time while the other half does the weekly shop.
I could put up with a Sunday at a pinch when the high rates made up for shocking working conditions, but now they’ve dropped them it’s just not worth it.

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