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[quote=4228]Tesco have 10 minutes standard time for contact lens aftercares! I really struggled when given 5 such “contact lens checks” in a row and had to refuse to see one of these who was a toric wearer whose last eye exam was nearly 2 years ago. I rang the AOP to check if this was legal but was told yes it is and this is becoming the standard time. IMHO we really need the governing bodies to stick up for us (and for the public) and at least SPECIFY MINIMUM RECOMMENDED TESTING TIMES. [/quote]

Oh dear tesco where do I get started.. The only good thing about them is quick pay! Hour lunch! Seven hours! Still for me the cons outweigh the pros ..especially fact no dispensing optician ten minute ac and ten minute I’ll only work occasional day for them and tell then to give me double for acs or I’m not coming u should ask btw most tesco oos well the ones Iv seen ask for double in acs though be wary only some stores give you that depends on manager…as for tesco.themselves u would need a while new thread to discuss tesco horror stories!!!!

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