Reply To: Locum days cancelled for doing ophthalmoscopy


Boots have a professional guidance file in all stores, the store manager should really have shown you this as a minimum what boots expect of every sight test, which is included in the file. Then they should of slavvered on about how important it is to tell every px aBout protecting your eyes from uv radiation.

What I’ve noticed from the rare day I do for them, is they expect an awful lot as a minimum, this is rarely stuck to by all optomsbut when being shadowed best to do a v thorough sight test and include all the babble they want to hear, then they more likely to not want to view any more tests once they’ve ticked all the boxes on their ridiculous form they’ve got. I did this, giving the full works test and was asked why I didn’t have a little chat about the weather to make them feel at ease? Nutters the lot of them!

The new thing is the assistant, during pretest is supposed to offer smoking cessation, medication reviews and hearing tests too. It’s all about getting them round to the chemists afterwards to spend some more money there. They probably got the lady on perfume counter advising about eyes too!

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