Reply To: Locum days cancelled for doing ophthalmoscopy


Hi Dear Locums

I am very shocked too. I find that unqualified assistants haven’t got a clue why and how we do our eye examination. The should be told that we are responsible for our actions and they shouldn’t really interfere. Afterall as an Optometrist GOC will be after us anyway if we did something drastically wrong and didn’t look after the patients needs etc.

As long as the eyes are healthy and no obvious abnormality was observed with the tests that were necessary for that patient. I am not sure why sometimes very healthy 18 year old would perfect eyesight etc would need any other supplementary tests unless signs and symptoms suggests that it is required.

Why don’t they stop interfering and let us carry on our duties with our own professional discretion. I wonder if the head office have trained the staff to be rude to locum Optoms!!!??

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