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<div class=”d4p-bbt-quote-title”>abs111 wrote:</div>
Boots are offering higher rates because fewer and fewer optoms want to work for them and not because of any new found respect for locums.<br>
<P>No one will work for few if you treat locums like dirt </P>

You have a point

He certainly does. Eye connect regularly state if it’s a boots store or not. Maybe locums are refusing to work for them. What with their shambles uniform insistence. Phones in lockers ( what if I have a ring a colleague for professional second opinion or quickly look up a disorder) last minute shamble bookings and cancellations, treating optoms like crap, making optoms do other work eg focimetry and checking in specs, lower rates the list goes on …. I say we all boycott this company until they stop this bad practice and realise an optoms worth.

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