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I received BOOTS email summoning every locum to wear their uniform. In my opinion it looks like the butcher´s uniform of Morrisons. I do not like it and I have decided not to wear it. I did not know it was a dead line on the 5th May to order it online. I have not done so. I have been working at different places and NOBODY in those practices has even mentioned that I was not wearing it. If any manager is not happy with my suit and invites me to go home I will not hesitate to do so. I may lose a day but they are going to lose much more. They will lose any income for the day, they will not reach their daily target and what it is worse the manager and their subordinates will have to explain to the customers the reason for the clinic cancellation. They will probably lie and blame the optician for not turning up or calling sick but what managers do not like is to have to apologise to customers. And if every locum optician refused to wear the uniform manager would have to start inventing more excuses.

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