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I hear what you’re saying about a Locum union and when a Locum told me about this site I thought I would check it out.

I am an employed optometrist who has been feeling very frustrated with the optic world. I feel we all need to come together and revolutionise our careers. It is unacceptable that we do free eye tests and devalue our professional time. A guy came in with a free eye test voucher and after seeing how much work I did he didn’t feel comfortable not paying. I have been mulling over for months who to turn to for support. I worry that all these students will qualify and be paid low wages. Why do optoms never stand up for themselves. Dentists formed a union along time ago and because of this were able to fight companies who tried to dictate what they do. I don’t believe the AOP is worth the money we pay. If we don’t do something now things will only get worse. If all optoms went on strike then they would realise that without us they wouldn’t be able to make a sale. But everybody needs to be on the same page. It won’t work if some people don’t participate. We need to send out a strong message.

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