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I agree with TSDs comment on taking a stand to increase testing times. However, I feel having 30 minutes per Px is enough. I have personally taken a stand with employers and agencies that I dont take any work with testing times less than 25 minutes, but its a shame how sometimes the staff you are dealing with make you feel as you are doing something wrong by demanding 25 minutes. They say it to you on your face, ‘can you not work a bit faster?’….. huh excuse me … you have no idea about all the responsibilities we have to fulfill in the testing room to cover our back.

I really feel we all need to unite to put a request in to GOC to make a regulation re. testing times…at the end of the day, its needed to protect the public first..and it shall definitely reduce the ftp cases optoms face. The sales aspect for the business comes after all this and cannot be really weighed against patient care.

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