Reply To: locum rates, travel & cancellations

Hamed Saddiq

Going back to the comment made by Optom123 re higher salaries. I think you have missed the point here. That’s exactly where we as optoms fall into the “trap”.

Theyll give us few extra grand a year and inturn optoms are expected to test at 15 mins. Work with untrained staff who can’t copy a prescription and forget to do fields. Pressure readings are always high cause the don’t know how to use the machine or it’s not calibrated. When you ask for something simple they’d look at you blank as if you are speaking another language! ( to top that on one of my such experiences I had manager complaining to me about number of rechecks she had from previous optoms!!!LOL)

Basically optoms working like an animal! And some of us can justify that for few extra bucks!

Tbh In the above scenarios who I mostly feel for is the public not the optoms!!

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