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Hamed Saddiq I couldn’t agree with you more.

Unfortunately lots of optoms have been “coached” (bullied) into conversion rates garbage by the “retail manager/director” (who by the way, usually have no optical qualifications whatsoever!).

Once again it all comes down to how much they charge for their eye-examination. If they charged appropriately (imho £40-£70), then the managers wouldn’t have to worry about conversions/dispenses because their tills would already be full with eye-examination fees. (And then they could also charge less for spectacles).

We must all remember that it is us optoms who are the main players when it comes to a successful practice. We should get the appropiate respect from the managers (& pxs). We shouldn’t succumb to these other people who think they know alot more about optics than ourselves.

Unfortunately the newly qualified optoms have not been around when optometry was such a well respected profession. But it can change back, only if we are willing to be strong, learn how to say no and not compromising our standards one bit.

The great thing about being a locum is that we have a choice. If you feel that somebody is devaluing your knowledge/position, well tell them and then don’t work there again.

Multiples have their own agenda, but remember you are the professional and optometry is what you trained hard for. Don’t let anybody else tell you otherwise.

Independents’ staff and pxs tend to respect their optoms moreso, so I would recommend working for those guys.

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