Reply To: Pressure to sell

Hamed Saddiq

I think as optoms we ourselves are to blame for this too. Optoms get competitive over how much their clinic makes/ bonuses they receive. I’ve heard colleagues bragging on about seeing 25-30 patients a clinic.

This is where locums fall into the trap of this money driven Market and their tactics.

I strongly feel that if there are incentives they should be based on overall performance not on monies taken on a given day. As an Optom if you tell a patient with –2.50 rx who doesn’t know anything about glasses to go for 1.74 they will often just take your advice and if they can afford it they’ll pay for it. And you may make few extra bucks! But is it worth it!
How often do we see useless reading glasses and unwanted prisms! It might be clinically necessary for employers (pockets) but optoms should be more conscious and stand together against that sales pressure.

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