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Yes andyoptom you are correct. Unfortunately the locum rate, along with the employed salaries have both declined over the years. Too many optoms are willing to reduce their fees for a “quick buck” but are not thinking of the long term effects on our profession.

But they shouldn’t “have to keep it in line with what they pay employed optoms”. If in the first place they charged the px properly for their eye-examination/contact lens fitting/aftercare rather than “BOGOF”/”half-price”/”£15″/”10″/”£5” or even “FREE!!!” then they wouldn’t have to subsidise on the dispense side.

The joe public (pxs) are now well aware of such practices and are going onto the internet or to supermarkets (who don’t care one bit as long as their “customer” is buying a trolley full of goods worth £100s, a full tank of petrol and swiping on loyalty points EVERY week & gaining market share over their rivals).

In fact some supermarkets (no names mentioned) are now giving FREE eye-examination to EVERYBODY!!!… AND also giving out points on their loyalty card i .e giving the px back money on top (totally crazy or what?!!). I can’t think of any other profession which does this, can you??!

Optoms working for these corporations shouldn’t be devaluing their knowledge/services.

Shame 4+years studying full time and it is worth nothing in the eye of the px!

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