Reply To: boots uniform and not wearing it! please reply with your thoughts…


so this must be one of the reasons for inception of this website right.
because boots thinks they can treat locums as awfully as they treat their employee optometrists by making them wear cheap overalls.

a few suggestions as the deadline to dress like a cheap doll nears..

..tell them you tried to order it online and the website crashed.
…tell them it was the wrong size and you returned it for a different size and are still waiting.
…tell them it must have got lost in the post.

if you ask some store managers they wont bother enforcing the rules but there will be exceptions. they will quite happily ask you to leave as “rules is rules”. the same issue we experience daily with our mobile phones and putting them in lockers!

the risk is they can decide to have you blacklisted from their store which does happen on a store by store basis. depends how many stores you think you can get away with it.

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